26 Aug

A small town build around one of the biggest, most beutiful castles in UK. The town is amazing, full of character, unique shops, and tourist buses! A walk down the local shops and alleys and around the castle. It was too late for visiting the castle as it closes at 4pm and admission is around 17 pounds per person. It also looks like it would be money well spend judging by the size of the castle, the description, the amount of staff around it and the crowds queuing at the entrance! The first "to-do" added to my list. Enjoy the photos!

25 Aug

While waiting for the next property viewing I noticed a place called "Savill Gardens" on the GPS and decided to go have a look. For an entrance fee around 7 pounds per person, you get to see an amazing garden with hundreds of different trees, bushes, and flowers. The garders are very well kept and new things are planted all the time. There is a green house and a rose garden, sculptures (part of an exhinition currently taking place there), ponds, birds, flower gardens arranged by color, a coffee shop/restaurant, a gift shop, a place to buy plants and flowers, and you get to see the amazing architecture or the reception building.Enjoy the photos!

23 Aug

So you plan to travel to the UK and rent a car? You found the cheapest rates and your preferred company? Already made the reservation? Good. I hope you didn't budget for the exact amount on your reservation. Extra charges, extra this, extra that, you will end up paying double the amount! Imagine that.

22 Aug

Coming from a tiny airport and landing in Heathrow must be quite a shock. But then again, I was expecting something that looks a lot bigger. Terminal 1 actually looks quite normal and a bit worn out as well compared to other big european airports. Waiting for luggage took forever for some reason. I thought Heathrow had an automated baggage handling system; there was an entire episode on Discovery Channel about it too!

21 Aug

I can't believe how fast this last weeks passed! I had millions of things to do and barely managed to do half of them.

So here we are 8pm on Sunday night. Only 5 hours to go before we leave for the airport. My cat has to go to the cargo check-in 3 hours before the flight. At 5am we leave for good!!! YAY! Some photos from the last couple of days in Cyprus.

04 Aug

Ok so here is an interesting and weird fact about how things work in UK: you can never rent or have a bank account as a student! THE END. I am joking of course, I think... Funny facts one find out while browsing the internet. This is taken from two different guides. One is "How to open a student bank account in the UK" and the other is "How to rent property as a student in the UK".

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